Why Speak at

For 2 Days, AfroAnimation will transform into a virtual global HQ for the multicultural vertical of the animation industry, bringing together the most talented minds in the field to discuss critical topics of the day, screen new animations, entertain partnerships and new ventures, network with peers, and partake in workshops centered on moving this creative community forward.

What Could Speaking at AfroAnimation Do for You?

Showcase the growing call for diversity in animation.

As a featured speaker at the AfroAnimation live event, you’ll be showing your personal advocacy for tearing down industry barriers related to diversity, equality and inclusion. No matter what corner of the animation industry you’re in, your insight will contribute to the whole of the conversation. In our opinion, AfroAnimation is poised to be the most important destination for ideas and insight for global multicultural animators in 2021.

Enjoy increased industry exposure.

When you speak at AfroAnimation you’ll be talking to a growing audience of eager students, rising creative talents, independent professional creators, illustrators, gamers, award-winning producers, directors, studio executives, agents, technology pioneers, and C-suite decision makers. This will be a chance for you to tell your story, showcase your expertise and personal projects, share ideas and insight, network with industry peers, and make valuable connections.

Join our list of top animation talent.

We are reaching out to Hollywood movie studios, national cartoon television networks, comic book companies, game developers, technology companies, top illustrators, animation schools, organizations and brands. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned in our approach to understanding how we can help solve equality challenges. Our overriding objective, of course, is to increase the black/brown/African creative talent pipeline across the industry as a whole.

Help shape the conversation around culture and animation.

Each AfroAnimation panel or workshop will host 4 to 6 speakers at a time. There will be one moderator and panel discussions will be limited to 60 minutes. We will also offer both closed and open workshops taught by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. Where you’ll fit in is sharing with attendees your knowledge and experiences.

Contribute to driving meaningful change.

While there will be opportunities for engagement, the entire AfroAnimation event will be a platform for inspiring and sharing ideas with young people and rising talent in the industry . It will be the place in 2021 to collaborate with peers and drive meaningful change in the animation industry as a whole and specifically the Afro animator segment.
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